Bill Buchanan

before_after_billI had been carrying the same 25 pounds around for the last 20 years. I finally decided that all of the half hearted attempts to lose weight in the past had been a huge waste of time and effort.

I made the leap to HCG and by following the food plan instructions to the letter I lost nearly 20 pounds in three weeks of injections during Phase 1 and my body fat dropped from 23.6% to 13.6%. I began Phase 2 a week early and actually lost a few more pounds that week.

I began exercising again during Phase 2 and gained more muscle and dropped my body even fat a bit more to 12.3%! That’s pretty good for a 56 year male. I feel great and my wife says I look better than ever.

The biggest thing I learned during my experience is that I had no concept of portion size or how many calories I was actually consuming each day. I was amazed at how good I felt during the program and how fast the pounds dropped. It was so encouraging and exciting to see the change EACH day. It really inspired me to continue to apply what I learned and to make sure that I never let myself go back to old and unhealthy habits.

Brian & Becky Dunn